Bharat Series Number Plate in India

Bharat Series Number Plate in India
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The public authority of India presented the Bharat Series number plates to ensure consistency in the vehicle enlistment process all around the country. Vehicle proprietors having this number don’t have the commitment to move their vehicle enrollment assuming that they migrate starting with one state then onto the next. The presentation of the BH series number plate has been a distinct advantage and a definitive answer for the people who frequently need to migrate due to their work.

Elements OF BH Series Number Plate

The Bharat number plate accompanies the accompanying convincing elements:

It applies just to the non-transport vehicle. The number plate is legitimate the whole way across the country.
Non-transport vehicle proprietors with BH series number plates can abstain from going through the vehicle re-enrolling process while moving to another state. This assists with saving a ton of time.
In the event of any disaster like burglary or a mishap, the BH series number plate makes it helpful for the specialists to recognize the vehicle’s proprietor.
The Bharat series enlistment is executed to smooth out and normalize the vehicle enrollment process. This prompted unification across the enlistment cycle in India, which will additionally demonstrate viable in forestalling debasement, copies and numerous different issues connected with the enrollment cycle.

How to Get a BH Series Number Plate?

You can apply for the BH series number plate either by signing into the MORTH’s Vahan gateway or from the approved auto seller.

Step 1: In the event that you are taking the help of the vendor, the seller will finish composing Structure 20 for your sake on the Vahan entrance.

Confidential area representatives whose workplaces are available in multiple states or UTs need to submit Structure 60. They additionally need to give their business ID and work ID.

The state specialists will investigate the qualification of the vehicle’s proprietor. You need to pick the ‘BH’ type.

Step 2: The ‘BH’ series type is picked during the application. Feel free to present the essential records, for example, Structure 60, a duplicate of the authority ID card, and so on.

Step 3: The Provincial Vehicle Office (RTO) will support the BH series.

Step 4: Try to clear the expected installment/MV charge.

When you have effectively finished the means, the BH series enlistment number gets produced in an irregular request.

Expenses for BH series number plate

The expenses for BH series number plates change according to the vehicle’s cost. The table beneath features the expense of the Bharat series number.

Vehicle receipt cost BH Series number plate cost (% of the vehicle receipt cost)
Vehicles cost under ₹10 lakhs 8%
Vehicle cost ₹10 to ₹20 lakhs 10%
Vehicles cost more than ₹20 lakhs 12%
It is vital to note that diesel vehicles incur an extra charge of 2% and electric vehicles incur a 2% decrease.

Confidential vehicle proprietors pay street charge instalments like clockwork or each 4, 6 or 8 years (products of 2).


How do you register the old car with a BH number?

Fill out Form No. 27(A) to register the old car with the BH number and submit the form to RTO. After submitting and verification, one can register for a regional registration plate to a BH series number plate.

Can we drive BH series registered vehicle in restricted zones?

The BH series number plate does not allow you to drive in restricted areas.

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