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The doug wright boats is one of the most popular ski boats on the market. Its popularity has grown steadily over the past few years and there are a wide variety of different boats available. You can find both brand new and used boats at boat dealerships around the country. But where are these boats made and who bought them?

Who bought Doug Wright boats?

If you’re in the market for a high performance vessel, you may want to check out a doug wright boats . This company is a South Florida builder with a wide range of doug wright boats from 30 feet to 36 feet in length. Their latest offerings include the 36, which has a 6 seat cockpit, a dual Mercury vessel view, and some serious bling. The most expensive model is a staggering $325,000, but that’s not surprising considering it’s a custom-built vessel.

For the best deals, you’ll probably have to search out private sellers. You might find one for as little as $500 or as much as $500,000, depending on your location and budget. One of the biggest benefits of this type of yacht is that they’re incredibly fuel-efficient. That’s important if you live in the southern US, where fuel prices are higher than the price of a home.

Doug Wright 36

The Doug Wright 36 has a plethora of high-tech features, such as a dual Mercury vessel view, a 6-seat cockpit, underwater lights, and a slew of tech-savvy accessories. It’s also got a number of luxuries, including a Fusion – JL Audio stereo, a Myco aluminum trailer with multiple scooter platform, and a Garmin GPS system.

Doug wright boats for sale

There are several notable names in the boat building industry, but arguably one of the top dogs is Doug Wright. His designs are known for high performance, so whether you’re looking for a power boat or a luxury cruiser, you’ll be in good hands. In Miami, the company has its own slips where they display a selection of the newest vessels on the market. You’ll also find a good selection of charter boats in their fleet, which includes a handful of yachts.

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Doug Wright 36 and the more recent Nor-Tech 340 Sport

The company’s line of catamarans includes the aforementioned Doug Wright 36 and the more recent Nor-Tech 340 Sport. Both models are in production, with the former boasting some pretty impressive options. Some of the more notable features include a Myco aluminum trailer with multiple scooter platforms, a custom paint job, and a Fusion – JL Audio stereo. Other highlights include a twin Mercury Racing 450R outboards, dual helms, and a number of other amenities.

Where is Doug Wright boats made?

If you’re looking for a new cat for your offshore racing, you might consider a 32-foot doug wright boats. The boat has excellent fuel economy and can handle big lakes and offshore water. Its hull has a shape that helps the boat lift.

You can find the boat at Performance Boat Center in Central Missouri. The company has two catamarans of this size and has been setting them up for pleasure or race purposes.

360 Catamarans

There’s another new catamaran coming from doug wright Performance. They’ve had success building outboard-powered 360 Catamarans doug wright boats . Their latest model is a larger version, which will be delivered in the middle of next year. This will feature a Mercury Racing 450R Verado engine.

A couple weeks ago, Ron Szolack visited the shop to talk about placing orders for some of his 39-footer. He also met with Doug Wright Jr. and the two made an agreement to build some doug wright boats together. So far, 12 have been ordered and more are on their way.

Where is skater boats built?

doug wright boats builder from South Florida, and he’s been producing multi-purpose racing cats since 2000. He’s also a composites expert. His catamarans are a perennial force in the X-Cat Class on the Union International Motonautique circuit.

The Doug Wright offshore racing catamaran is a 30-footer that was sponsored by Blondie cartoon characters. It has great fuel economy and can handle offshore water.


A 32-footer doug wright boats from the same company won national championships in the Superboat Stock class. In the NSRA Super Boat Championship, 10 teams entered in the class. Although Canada Homes led the field early, it remained ahead of WHM Motorsports for most of the race. After a snag during the first lap, Shaun Torrente and Eric Belisle dropped out.

The 32-foot Doug Wright Talbot Excavating team of Kyler Talbot and Jay Muller finished second. Their boat is owned by Bob Teague of Van Nuys, California.


The Skater Performance Boats are manufactured by Douglas Marine. doug wright boats have custom paint, carbon fiber dash panels, and a 6-seat cockpit. They are powered by five-hundred sixty-five Mercury engines.

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