Escape Rooms Near Me: Choosing the Right One

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Written by Emma Rhys

Can you believe that the Escape Rooms industry is worth over $466 million in America?

This industry is expected to continue to boom as more people learn about how much fun this activity is. If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend an afternoon with your friends or family, then you can never go wrong with buying tickets to an escape room.

Are you asking yourself, “How can I find the best escape rooms near me?” Keep reading to collect our expert escape room tips so you can have a blast.

Read Reviews for Escape Rooms Near Me

If you want to find the best escape room in your area, then the first thing you should do is hop onto Google. When you search for escape rooms nearby, you’ll notice that reviews and ratings pop up.

Create a filter so that you only see escape room businesses that have earned a high rating. From there, you can start scanning reviews to see which business people rave about the most.

Compare the Costs of Each Company

Escape room companies that are located near each other tend to have similar prices, but it’s worth doing some cost comparisons to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Some companies run deals, so check out the current offers before you buy tickets. You may even be able to score a group discount if you plan on going with lots of people.

See What Kinds of Rooms They Offer

High-quality escape room companies change their rooms regularly so customers can keep returning for new fun. Take a look at what each business is currently offering so you can choose a room that sounds the most thrilling.

When you visit awesome companies like The Great Escape Room, you can choose from rooms like an infirmary, the president’s bunker, a colosseum, and more.

Consider the Levels of Difficulty

What is an escape room level of difficulty that’s right for you? The answer depends on how much experience you have and how clever your group is.

If you’ve been to lots of escape rooms in the past, then you know what to expect the next time you go. People who want to challenge themselves should consider choosing a harder level.

Figure Out How Many People Are Attending

It’s always wise to get a head count before you buy tickets. Not only can you get a discount, but some rooms also have a suggested number of people.

If you’d like to host a special event like a birthday party at an escape room, then ask about any group services they offer.

Did You Enjoy This Escape Room Guide?

Lots of people are asking themselves, “How can I find the best escape rooms near me?” If you follow this escape room advice, you’ll have no trouble planning an incredible experience with your loved ones.

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