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In Australia, LEXCO has opened its doors in 2019. The company’s impressive success has come from its range of smart living products. They focus on home & kitchen, living & wellness, and tech products. Here’s a closer look at some of the tech items that LEXCO has to offer. Read on to learn more about these innovative products! Listed below are some of the main reasons to choose LEXCO for your home.



If you’re a woman on a budget, the Lexco Australia MASSAGE GUNS might be just the thing. This affordable massage gun packs a punch, and has 20 speeds. Its AU$172 price tag makes it one of the more affordable massage guns on the market. It also comes with a handy travel case for ease of storage. Here’s what to look for in a massage gun.

Battery life: The most durable massage guns come with a long battery life. Unlike the average massage gun, the RENPHO lasts about six hours on a full charge. The rechargeable battery is also convenient for traveling, since the battery can be recharged by plugging into a power source. Most of these massage guns have a one-year warranty, but a no-brand unit can’t be guaranteed to be as durable or have as many features.

Power: The most powerful massage gun that I’ve used was the Theragun Pro. This gun features 5 percussion speeds, a custom app experience, and 16mm amplitude. It is one of the strongest in its class, and will work on muscle knots. I’ve even tried a massage gun that doesn’t have a battery and uses a USB-C charger. It has great power, and I’d highly recommend this one for anyone who is looking for a high-quality massage gun.



Many people have different personalities, so knowing what guns will suit you is essential. Some people purchase guns for self-defense while others collect them for fun and collection. Regardless of the reason for your purchase, you should make sure you understand how to properly use your gun before buying one. Below, you will find some tips for choosing the right gun for you. It also helps to know how to shoot the gun properly.

A gun is a big decision. You should choose a gun that you are familiar with and enjoy. Your relationship with your gun is serious, so make sure you’re comfortable with it. This will prevent any potential problems in the future. You should never use your gun for something that you’re not comfortable with. It’s also important to know the difference between a BB gun and a slug gun, and it’s vital to buy a gun that fits your personality and preferences.



Massage guns can help athletes reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery from a workout. The oscillating motion of the massage gun works to improve blood circulation in the muscles, reducing the effects of delayed onset muscular soreness. It also reduces tension and soreness in the muscles, tendons and ligaments. This device has a wide range of uses and can be used in the home, the gym or even on the beach.

The Rivitalgun is a powerful massage gun with a thirty-speed motor and is suitable for sensitive areas like the neck, back, and shoulder. The gun comes with a case and includes 3 massage heads with cushioning. This massage gun also features a $10 discount promo code. The RENPHO massage gun has received a good reputation in Australia and has a 4.6-star rating. This gun is priced at a competitive price and offers plenty of features.

You can purchase a LEXCO Massage Gun Australia from several online stores. They are easy to purchase and describe them well, and they ship the gun quickly and without damage. They have an excellent warranty and many models come with a one-year warranty. You should avoid buying a no-name product because they will probably be unreliable and have no customer support if something goes wrong. You can also buy a second-hand massage gun, but that is a risky move since it does not come with a warranty.



If you are looking for the best massage gun in Australia, you should consider the Healsage Pro Massage Gun. This lightweight massage gun weighs 1.1kg and has a percussion rate of 3200 rpm. It has six different modes that you can adjust depending on the intensity of the massage you want to achieve. This massage gun is also capable of reaching deep into the muscles and can help speed up the recovery process.

Another important feature to consider is the battery life of the massage gun. You should choose one that doesn’t need charging for four hours. The ideal battery life for a massage gun is two to three hours. You should also look for a gun that comes with a warranty. Buying a no-brand product is risky because the warranty is void and you won’t receive any support or help in case of a malfunction.

When buying a massage gun, you should pay close attention to the reviews and features. It is important to select the right product because the best product for a given user may not be available in the country. You can read reviews from people who bought the same massage gun in Australia and have rated it five stars. Its price is affordable and the quality of the product is excellent. It’s also safe to use on sensitive areas, like the face and back.



The LEXCO PRO MASSAGE GUN is an effective and innovative tool for massaging the body. The device has many benefits, and many sports lovers in Australia already own it. Make sure to choose a high-quality brand with a low noise level, and check the battery and autonomy levels before you purchase it. The more features a massage gun offers, the more effective it will be. This device has all the features you need to deliver a good massage and has an impressive price to performance ratio.

The best massage gun is the one that comes with more heads than other brands. These extra heads give it a more extensive percussion range, and ensure that every part of the body is pounded. The gun also comes with a one-year warranty, and you can use a special discount code for 5% off on your purchase. It also works well with a wide variety of different sized body parts.



The Lexco Massage Gun -USB is an affordable option for anyone who needs a massaging tool that will give them an invigorating and relaxing massage. It comes with 6 interchangeable massage heads with an amplitude of 12mm. The device has many useful functions, including massage head warming and adjustable handle for a customized fit. This massage tool can relieve muscle aches and stiffness and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The percussion range and stroke length of the gun will determine the intensity of the massage. The percussion range of this gun is between 1700 and 2300 rpm, and the amplitude range is 12mm to 15mm. It is quiet, with a battery life of eight hours, and is a great choice for sensitive parts of the body. It weighs only 2.27 pounds, making it easy to transport and store.

The Lexco Booster Pro Massage Gun is a powerful 220W massage gun with a brushless motor. It offers up to 3200 RPMs and is designed to help activate and recover muscle. The machine is lightweight, durable, and affordable, making it the ideal choice for those who are looking for a massaging tool without the high price tag. There are other options, including a cordless model, but these are the most convenient and affordable.



The best LEXCO POWER MASSAGE Gun in Australia is made from quality materials and comes with an extended battery life. This massage gun also comes with a wide range of massage heads. The best ones have smart shut off features, as well as a 10-minute timer. Some of these guns even have an anti-overuse feature, which helps to prevent overuse. Read on to find out more about these amazing massage guns.

The RENPHO Massage Gun has impressive features for its price. While it lacks some of the more advanced features of the Theragun, it is a solid option for a low budget. It also offers 5 different speed settings and a battery that lasts for over an hour. The LEXCO POWER MASSAGE GUN is available in Australia in a variety of colors. It is made from quality materials and is available in a wide range of prices.

Another great feature of this massage gun is its ease of use. You can use it both pre and post-workout to ensure you get the most out of your workout. The 24-volt motor makes it a reliable choice for massage enthusiasts who want to maximize their workout results while minimizing downtime. The 13mm amplitudes of power help the massage gun to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissue, so that your muscles heal faster.



The Lexco Australia HOT & COLD MASSAGING GUN is a versatile, powerful, and affordable massage gun. It is ideal for use pre and post-workout, and it’s very lightweight. It has six speeds and six attachments, an eight-hour battery life, and a convenient travel case. Users have reported positive results from the product, and most users rate it 4.6/5 stars.

The hot and cold massage gun is available in Australia for approximately AU$176. It has more than one massage head, allowing you to use a wider range of percussion therapy. With six different settings, you can find a massage head to match your preference. If you are on a budget, the Sportneer Elite D9 Percussive Massage Gun will do, but it isn’t portable. It also doesn’t compare with other expensive massage guns.

The hot & cold massage gun is easy to use and comes with ergonomic handles for an optimal grip. It is also one-touch operated, allowing you to customize the intensity of the massages. Although it is not ideal for everyone, it is a good choice for those who regularly engage in physical activity. This high-quality massage gun will reduce muscle tension, pain, and inflammation and help you recover faster.

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