Mike Tyson Net Worth 2024

Mike Tyson Net Worth
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Mike Tyson Net Worth – Today we will discuss Mike Tyson in our blog. Mike Tyson is a boxing champion who puts his opponents in a tizzy when he steps into the ring. He appears to be one of the scary people. His character as Roman Gladiator is an unbeatable fighter. For some time he has been known as a warrior who is very difficult to defeat.

Apart from Muhammad Ali, no other person has ever attracted the world as much in this field of sports as this kid did after  Muhammad Ali, whom we all know today by the name of Mike TysonAt an early age, he took up boxing and with hard work and passion, he managed to increase his weight to 200 pounds even at that age.

Mike Tyson Biography

Mike Tyson was born on June 30 1966 in Brownsville, New York. He was born Purcell Tyson but was raised by his biological father Jimmy Kirkpatrick. It was Lorna Smith Tyson who raised him as her son. Apart from Paul and Mike, he also had his children named Dennis and Rodney who were siblings of Mike Tyson. In 1991, his sister died of a heart attack. Mike was the half-brother of Jimmy Lee.

Mike Tyson started his puzzle learning in the boy’s school Tryon. Tryon School was a children’s correction centre where there were many children from New York and Brooklyn including one Tyson. That school was opened in 1966. Former professional boxer and juvenile detention centre counsellor Bobby Stewart described Mike Tyson’s talent and skill as well as his dedication. The high school that Tyson attended was Catskill High School where Mike practices boxing in the evenings.

Mike Tyson’s Early Life

Michael Gerard Tyson was born on June 30, 1966, in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York. Mike Tyson has always considered baseball player Jimmy Kirkpatrick as his father. Even though Purcell Tyson is listed as the biological father on his birth certificate.

Mike Tyson used to fight a lot in his childhood i.e. at the age of 13, due to which he was caught by the police 38 times, so he was sent to the correction centre and there Bobby Stewart who was the advisor of the correction centre saw Mike Tyson’s boxing and then he Mike Tyson was given a chance to learn boxing in a boxing school.

About Mike Tyson

Tyson took his first training from Amato, where he learned how to have complete control over himself and what it takes to be a professional boxer. He also followed a strict diet to become a boxer. As a high school student, he was also a boxer trainee. He later dropped out of high school as a junior, so he did not complete his high school career.

In 1981 and 1982, Mike Tyson defeated Kelton Brown and Joe Cortez to win gold medals at the Junior Olympic Games. Henry Tillman defeated him twice in the 1984 Summer Olympics. Also in 1985, he defeated Hector Mercedes in the first round before starting professional boxing. He fought 28 times, out of which he won 26 fights. Many people gave challenges to Mike Tyson.

Due to his consistent victories, Mike Tyson is considered a great heavyweight champion.

Mike Tyson Family 

Mike Tyson (Instagram link) has two half-siblings named Rodney and Dennis in his family, out of which his sister left this world at the age of 24 due to a heart attack. Tyson was born in a biological manner whose father is Purcell Tyson in writing but Tyson considers Kirkpatrick as his father Kirkpatrick later left the family due to financial problems and when Tyson’s mother died, Tyson was only 16 years old. After his mother’s death, he was left with boxing manager Cus D’Amato.

Mike Tyson had told in one of his old interviews that in his childhood, he lived in a high crime area where he fought with a youth who had pulled the neck of a pigeon with his hands.

Mike Tyson Career Earning

In 1987, Mike Tyson signed an 8-fight contract with HBO for $27 million which was against Alex Stewart and Tyson defeated Alex in 2 minutes 27 seconds. After that, he signed with Showtime for a long time for $120 million. In which many matches including Holyfield were involved.

Mike Tyson earned $430 million from fighting and advertising during his time, which is $700 million in today’s time. If we convert it into Indian currency, it is 32,88,44,65,000.00 trillion rupees, probably as much as the budget of a small country. Mike Tyson has a lot of earnings which were not given to him in every fight by some people without informing him.

Mike Tyson Hobbies 

Apart from boxing, Mike Tyson was fond of keeping tigers, due to which he had a collection of Bengal tigers behind his house and hired staff for their food and training, whose annual expenditure was $125,000/year.

You will be surprised to know about his 2nd hobby. 

Mike Tyson had kept a staff in his employee group whose only job was to wear an army uniform and shout “ guerrilla warfare” at every conference of Mike Tyson, for which he was paid $300,000 annually.

  • Mike Tyson spent 4.5 million on cars and motorbikes and that too just to gift them to his friends.
  • Tyson also spent $400,000 on pigeons and a variety of big cats such as Siberian tigers. 
  • Spent $300,000 on lawn care and maintenance alone.
  • Spent $230,000 on cell phones, pagers and phone bills

Mike Tyson’s Net worth

Mike Tyson is a retired American boxer who was the heavyweight champion in the 1980s and was also a gold medalist. Mike Tyson’s net worth is $10 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. According to his golden days, Mike Tyson was the most famous and highest-paid athlete in the world. He was the youngest champion in history at the age of 20.

However, unfortunately, he squandered the $430 million he had earned and ended up declaring himself bankrupt. According to the bankruptcy filing, he had a debt of $23 million at the time.


I hope you liked the article Mike Tyson’s Net Worth written with my hard work and research. We Indians should know about them and take inspiration from their lives. Reading such articles motivates you. 


Who is Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson is an American professional boxer, actor and producer who has also worked in IP Man 3.

What is Mike Tyson’s Net Worth?

Mike Tyson’s current net worth is 10 million dollars.

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