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The median income for programmers, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, is $89,190 per year, or $42.88 per hour. Companies like Google and Apple frequently hire programmers without four-year degrees, despite 2020 data showing that the majority of programmers have at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Learning to code online has never been simpler thanks to the dozens of online coding courses available that cover every industry and programming language. I want to use this article to assist in directing you toward the appropriate course for your present level and interests since if you’re a total novice, the sheer quantity of course selections may overwhelm you.

Which programming language should I learn?

The courses below teach a variety of languages, and which one you select will mostly depend on your goals. Python is, in my opinion, the greatest language to learn for the majority of people for three key reasons:

1. Python has an easy-to-understand syntax

2. Python may be used for virtually any use case.

3. The Python community is enormous.

Despite this, Python isn’t the best choice in some circumstances, such as the development of mobile and video games. You can do these things with Python, but it’s like trying to use a hammer on a screw. In the learning guide at the end of the post, we’ll go into more detail about selecting a language, use cases, and other topics.

2023 Top 5 Courses List

1. Coursera

We give Coursera great marks for providing a reputable, demanding coding education. The website was established by Stanford professors, and it continues to collaborate with schools, universities, and businesses to provide a full range of courses, degrees, and specializations. There are a lot of free coding classes available on Coursera, but you usually have to pay to get the certificate at the end.

Nearly 300 online coding courses are available on the platform, ranging from Python and Java to C and C++. There are some decent introductory-level coding classes available; if you’re just getting started, we suggest taking a look at ‘Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding’ from the University of Michigan. Users with more advanced skills might choose to take a course like IBM’s “Applied AI with Deep Learning.” We have discovered Coursera to be an excellent option for learning new coding skills, regardless of where you are in your coding career.

2. Full-Stack Web Development Programme at CareerFoundry

The CareerFoundry program is intended for newcomers as well as anyone looking to jump-start their career in software engineering. It’s particularly appealing to people who need flexibility to schedule a course around their other responsibilities in life as well as people who want good, individualized guidance from an expert.

You’ll be completely immersed in everything related to programming, from the fundamentals of the front end to in-depth knowledge of specific topics, all while being free to proceed at your own pace.

3. Introduction to Computer Science: HarvardX on edX

Students can take the HarvardX CS50 Introduction to Computer Science course without charge, but a certificate of completion is an optional $149 purchase. This course is the best for students to get a good working knowledge of coding because it has an online community for assistance and specified homework for each topic.

4. Udemy’s Microsoft Excel

Although Microsoft Excel is a strong and practical tool, it is also infamous for being challenging to use. You will manage big data sets, master rapid Excel operations using the various tools at your disposal, and build reports using pivot tables in this course.

Through a range of various videos and downloadable tools, this approachable course will show you how to master Microsoft Excel. You will be able to automate tiresome daily routines and utilize the program to its fullest after completing the course.

5. The Khan Academy’s Hour of Code

If you’re new to learning about coding and computer science, this program provides a fun introduction. Although adults can enjoy and be engaged by the content just as much, Khan Academy’s main audience is students who are still in school. It covers the fundamentals of several different abilities, including writing code, building websites, and working with databases.

The fast course offers a pleasurable, practical learning opportunity to develop creative internet skills. However, if you want to develop your talents and try something new, it can be a terrific course. There may be better options for people trying to further their careers.

Do I Need to Take a Coding Course Online?

For a variety of reasons, people sign up for online coding classes. Despite their diversity, courses support the need for tech skills.

Numerous online coding courses are created with novices in mind. They are therefore excellent for anyone wishing to expand their skill set or determine whether coding is right for them. Students can choose from beginner courses lasting an hour to certificate programs lasting a full year.

For software professionals who want to improve their skills and need more flexible schedules, online coding classes are a terrific option.

Another choice for people looking to learn how to code is online boot camps. Compared to many single courses, these rigorous training programs typically need more hours per week and cover a wider range of IT skills and tools.


1. In 2023, will learning to code be worthwhile?

Programming talents are in higher demand than ever. There will always be a demand for developers as the world transitions to becoming primarily digital. Learning to code is a good choice if you’re seeking a profession that will be secure.

2. Is there a need for coders in 2023?

But would there be a need for coders in 2023? You query. Without a doubt, the answer is yes.

3. In 2023, should I learn Python or Java?

If you want to get started in data science and machine learning, Python is the ideal choice. But Java is a superior option if you want to become an Android developer. What if you haven’t made up your mind about your job route yet? Python is a superior option despite Java and Python both being general-purpose programming languages.

4. Is coding a well-paid profession?

Coding is a very lucrative, useful, and adaptable talent to learn for anyone thinking about a career in technology or who wants to change jobs.

5. What kind of coding is in demand the most?

Having said that, JavaScript is now the programming language with the highest demand across the board. The introduction of TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript with type safety, may potentially aid in reaching this milestone. In recent years, TypeScript’s popularity has only grown.

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