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SDC International Shipping
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If you are considering an international household move, SDC International Shipping is an excellent option. Their services include packaging, air and sea shipping, vehicle shipping, and storage space. The company is renowned for its reliability and flexibility, and their personal touch ensures that all of your belongings arrive safely. Read on to learn more about their services and how they can help you move internationally. Here’s some information to help you decide if SDC International Shipping is right for your needs.

SDC International Shipping is an international household moving company

SDC International Shipping provides all-inclusive household shipping services, including packaging, air and sea shipping, storage and more. Known for its reliable service and flexibility, SDC provides a customized approach to every client. In addition to delivering goods on time and without a hitch, SDC offers a comprehensive guideline update for each country. With a history of relocating clients worldwide, SDC is well-positioned to handle your move from coast to coast.

SDC International Shipping regularly ships shipments for its clients by air. Air shipping is ideal for small shipments and urgent shipments. While it is a fast, efficient option, this method is generally used for commercial clients and is comparatively expensive. Domestic moves don’t lend themselves to air shipping because of its high cost and time constraints. However, if you have to relocate across the world, air shipping may not be the best choice.

SDC is a trusted international household moving company with years of experience. Licensed and insured, SDC ships household goods worldwide. They offer custom crates for odd-shaped goods. In addition to this, SDC offers climate-controlled storage, CCTV, and a 24-hour guard. Additionally, SDC provides tracking and delivery services, allowing you to keep track of your belongings. SDC is also expanding its service to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

SDC International Shipping understands the regulations of every GCC country and has developed checklists for each. Additionally, SDC assigns personal moving consultants to every client so that they can help with all the paperwork and consult on the documentation required for the destination country. So, if you have a long-distance move, don’t worry! SDC International Shipping offers competitive pricing for all of its services.

It uses air shipping

Compared to other methods of shipping, air transport is faster, more reliable, and less expensive. However, air shipping is still not an ideal choice for all shipments. If speed and reliability are important, air shipping is a better option, while cost, reliability, and environmental impact are more important. But there are other benefits to shipping by air as well. Consider these advantages and disadvantages before you make the final decision. Here are a few.

It is licensed and insured

SDC International Shipping provides full service household moving by sea or air. In addition to packing and shipping goods, SDC also provides vehicle shipping and storage services. SDC is known for its flexibility, reliability, and personal approach to each customer. Its team of international moving experts is available to answer your questions and to answer any concerns you may have. SDC also offers comprehensive insurance coverage and has dedicated teams on both coasts for your convenience.

SDC International Shipping is licensed and insured to move your belongings to nearly any destination around the world. In addition to moving to more than 70 countries, the company is expanding its services to GCC countries. They also have experience in international relocation and are FMC-licensed. By following these guidelines, SDC ensures that you are protected from all risks and are able to focus on other matters. SDC’s team of international moving specialists works with customers to customize the service that best fits their needs.

SDC is a licensed and insured international shipping company that offers Door to Door service. The client paid the door-to-door service fee for household goods in a container. The client was not available to sign for the shipment when the pick-up team arrived at the storage facility. SDC notified the client that liquids and flammable items should not be placed in the shipment. To avoid any hassle, the client requested the team to pick up the boxes from a friend’s home. This was no problem for SDC. The client was not required to purchase insurance and signed a waiver for valuable items to be excluded from the shipment.

It is aware of specific regulations

SDC International Shipping is a licensed FMC international mover with years of experience. It has helped countless Americans relocate to over sixty nations worldwide. As a result, SDC understands specific regulations in each country. The company specializes in international household moves and offers a variety of relocation services. These include packaging and air freight shipping of goods, as well as vehicle and container shipping and storage. SDC is committed to flexibility, reliability, and a personal approach to each individual customer.

SDC International Shipping is extremely knowledgeable about the regulations for moving to GCC countries, including restrictions on certain items. The company has developed checklists for each country to ensure compliance with local regulations. In addition, SDC assigns personal moving consultants to every client to assist with paperwork and consultation on documentation required for relocating in that country. SDC understands these requirements and is a trusted partner for moving to any GCC country.

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