Terencia Capleton: The Canadian Artist Who Paints With Light

Terencia Capleton
Written by Emma Rhys

Terencia Capleton is a Canadian artist who creates stunning paintings using light as her medium. terencia capleton canada  uses a technique called light painting, which involves moving a light source in front of a camera with a long exposure time. The result is a trail of light that forms shapes, patterns and colors on the dark background.

What is Light Painting?

In light painting, the camera serves as the canvas and light acts as the paintbrush. An extended exposure, often lasting several seconds or minutes, is captured by the photographer after mounting the camera on a tripod and adjusting the parameters. The photographer then moves a light source in front of the camera to produce various effects based on the light’s speed, direction, and colour. The light’s movement is captured by the camera as a continuous line or streak.

Light painting source

Any type of light source, including flashlights, candles, sparklers, lasers, or LED lights, can be used for light painting. To create more intricate compositions, some light painters may utilise accessories like umbrellas, mirrors, masks, or costumes. Light painting can be done in natural or artificial conditions, both indoors and outside.

How Did Terencia Capleton Start Light Painting?

Terencia Capleton was born in Toronto in 1987. She grew up in a creative family and developed an interest in art at an early age. She studied graphic design at Ryerson University and worked as a freelance designer for several years. She discovered light painting in 2014 when she saw some examples online and decided to try it herself.

Capelton  Experiment

terrencia capleton  bought a cheap flashlight and a tripod and started experimenting in her basement. She was fascinated by the possibilities of light painting and soon upgraded her equipment and skills. She began to share her work on social media and gained recognition and followers. She also joined a local group of light painters and participated in exhibitions and events.

What Makes Terencia Capleton’s Work Unique?

Terencia Capleton’s work stands out for its originality, creativity and beauty. She has developed her own style of light painting that combines abstract shapes with realistic elements. She often uses human figures as subjects and incorporates them into her light paintings. She also uses different colors and textures to create contrast and depth.

Capleton thought

Her feelings, encounters, and aspirations provide as inspiration for Terencia Capleton’s art. She claims that light painting is a kind of interpersonal communication and self-expression. She desires for her art to encourage others to appreciate the wonder and enchantment of light.

Where Can You See Terencia Capleton’s Work?

Terencia Capleton’s work can be seen on her website, Instagram and Facebook pages. She also sells prints of her work on her online store. She has exhibited her work in several galleries and festivals in Canada and abroad. She has also collaborated with other artists, musicians and dancers to create multimedia performances.


Terencia Capleton is one of the most innovative and talented light painters in the world. She continues to explore new techniques and ideas to create amazing paintings with light.

Terencia capleton linkedin 

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