WWE Raw Results – Watch Live Results From This Week’s Show

WWE Raw Results
Written by Emma Rhys

You can watch WWE Raw results live online right now! The results of this week’s show will help you understand what went down this past week in the wrestling world. In this article, we’ll go over the main matches and the biggest moments from the show. For example, we’ll talk about how AJ Styles and Ezekiel defeated Ciampa and The Miz by DQ, as well as their attack on The Usos. Also, we’ll talk about how AJ Styles hit the 619 on The Usos and Elias.

AJ Styles and Ezekiel defeated The Miz and Ciampa by DQ

On Monday’s episode of WWE Raw Results, AJ Styles and Ezekiel defeat The Miz and Ciampa by Dq. The two teams were originally set to wrestle in a handicap match, but Ciampa’s brother Elias decided to join Styles and Ezekiel as a tag team. This match lasted just over three minutes.

WWE Raw Results

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AJ Styles and Ezekiel attacked The Usos WWE Raw Results

The Usos have a new rivalry and it’s been a long time since their last match, so it’s no surprise that AJ Styles and his partner Ezekiel attacked the Usos at WWE Raw Results. After Elias and Miz attacked AJ Styles at WrestleMania, Kevin Owens sounded off on commentary, calling them “monsters” and “idiots.” But the Usos, the newcomers, aren’t so bad.

AJ Styles smashed his guitar on Elias’ back WWE Raw Results

It was a surprise to see Elias make his return to WWE on RAW this week. He was drafted back into the company and hit Jeff Hardy with a guitar while in the ring. Elias also taunted Hardy as he exited the ring, causing Hardy to come back to the show a month early.

AJ Styles hit the 619 on Balor WWE Raw Results

AJ Styles and Finn Balor traded offense throughout the first half of this match. AJ hit the 619 on Balor to pick up the win and take the match to the next level. However, the match soon turned ugly when the Miz attacked AJ, taking him down to the floor. Miz was able to escape the attack, but not without some major injuries. However, the Miz couldn’t stop himself from snatching AJ’s microphone.

WWE Raw Results

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AJ Styles hits the enziguiri on Balor

AJ Styles hit the enziguiri on Finn Balor during WWE Raw Result on Wednesday night. It was the enziguiri’s third use since it was introduced in WWE Raw Results. After the match, Edge set up the Judgement Day match. He took shots at the crowd, and then ordered Priest to hit Styles with a knee drop. Edge then attacked Balor’s shoulder, but Finn Balor ran down and pinned him face first into the middle turnbuckle pad.

Carmella reverses into a delayed vertical suplex

In the opening segment of the Raw taping, Carmella and Belair square off, and the former attempts to land a backbreaker on the other. After a few exchanges, the two women land backbreakers on each other. Belair catches Carmella face first and repeatedly stomps on her chest. When she gets back up, she hits a delayed vertical suplex, followed by a clothesline and a reversed heel kick. Afterwards, Belair counters Carmella’s attempt and hits the Glam Slam.

Bobby Lashley sprayed baby oil into Theory’s eyes

The baby oil was a reaction to the attack Bobby Lashley gave to Paul Theory during WWE Raw Result. Theory had been in an intense staredown with Bobby Lashley for weeks. Then, during the show, Bobby Lashley snuck up on the former United States champion, sprayed his eyes with baby oil, and then beat him up using a spear. As a result, Bobby Lashley has challenged Theory to a United States Championship match, with the winner getting the title. As a result, the two will clash again at WWE Raw Results Money In The Bank.

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