Xenopixel Lightsaber and Its Features?

Xenopixel Lightsaber
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Before we dive into the Xenopixel lightsaber or its features, let us first talk about its construction. This lightsaber is made from a strong polycarbonate blade and is therefore resistant to heavy impact. Its features and incredible duel-capability are also amazing. Despite the amazing features, these lightsabers can’t be customized, as they are built-in.

Xenopixel Lightsaber Super Bright LED

The Xenopixel Lightsaber is an advanced digital replica of the iconic Star Wars lightsaber used by Anakin Skywalker in the movies. This lightsaber comes with an array of features such as a 50W LED RGB Neopixel Strip, 22 custom sound fonts, and a 16GB SD card. In addition to the lightsaber’s features, this lightsaber also comes with a detachable mid-grade PC Neopixel blade.

Removable Lithium-Ion Battery

The Xenopixel Lightsaber is built with a blade filled with ultra-bright LEDs. These LEDs give the lightsaber a full-bodied, movie-like appearance. You can select from eight colors and set the brightness to match your mood. The Xenopixel Lightsaber also includes gestures for turning it on and off, as well as advanced swing effects. The lightsaber also features a removable lithium-ion battery, so you can easily charge it when you are not using it.

Most Common Type of Lightsabers

While in-hilt LED lightsabers are still the most common type, neopixel lightsabers feature an even brighter LED and more detailed visual effects. These lightsabers may be heavier than standard tube lightsabers, though. They also drain batteries more quickly. Neopixel lightsabers are also slightly more expensive than standard LED lightsabers, due to the number of LEDs and more complex electronics.


Xenopixel Lightsabers are designed for the discerning Jedi, Seth, and Seth Lord, and the Highborn is no exception. This dual-toned, aircraft-grade aluminum hilt lightsaber is both fast and deadly. Its smooth swing technology combines both Luke and Obi-Wan designs with Neopixel accents for a realistic look. Its USB charging port means it can be easily and conveniently charged.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Hilt

It comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum hilt, an elegantly designed blade, and an RGB 12-color soundboard. The Xenopixel Lightsaber AIRPLANE GRADE ALUMINUM HILT is the perfect accessory for your Jedi or Padawan. The hilt can be removed to change the blade or to install a new one.

Neopixel Lightsaber Features

The Neopixel Lightsaber has a 36-inch blade, 12-tone sound font, and smooth swing and jab effects. The saber also features an Allen wrench and screw to connect it. You can easily build a similar saber by cutting a length of 1.25″ PVC pipe, or a corresponding length of a Skywalker saber.

Realistic Flash on Clash

The Xenopixel Lightsaber is a great light saber for Star Wars fans. With 9 Watt RGB LEDs and a volume-adjustable speaker, this lightsaber will be sure to turn on and impress! The blade has a strong shatterproof finish and features light defusing finishing. A real-time, realistic sound will also be generated upon impact. This light saber is powered by a battery which will last for the entire day, without any worry of running out of batteries.

Xeno Pixelblade Advantages

The LEDs used in the Xeno PixelBlade make it a true movie-quality saber. The light can be set to any color and will simulate movie-like effects. The Xeno PixelBlade features gestures to turn the saber on and off, advanced swing effects, and sound fonts to match the mood and the movie. In addition to these features, the Xeno PixelBlade Saber is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and includes a re-chargeable battery.

Highly Customizable Light Saber

Xenopixel Lightsaber

Another popular model is the Neopixel Lightsaber. The Neopixel Lightsaber is a highly customizable light saber made from neopixel LED strips. It has a realistic flash-on clash and RGB color-changing blades. Zia Sabers sells customized, high-quality Star Wars lightsabers. You can also customize yours with a custom Lightsaber at a low price.

Advance Sound Board

The Xenopixel V2 is an affordable pixel saber with high-end electronics. The only downside is that due to its popularity, it can take up to two weeks to ship. However, the new Xenopixel v2 is made of aluminum 6063, which is sturdy and allows for heavy combat. The pixel blade is also covered with a one-year dueling warranty.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

The Advance Sound Board on Xenopixel lightsaber works on the same principle as other advanced light saber soundboards but can be customized to fit your needs and preferences. The board can store a library of movie sounds and play them when you swing or hit an object. The advanced models can even recognize when a blaster shot has been deflected. Once you have installed the board on your Xenopixel lightsaber, you can easily tune it to fit your needs.

Redesigned Head

The Advance Sound Board on Xenopixel lightsaber comes with a redesigned head that makes it easier to control the sound effects of your saber. It’s made with SmoothSwing technology that makes it easy to adjust to different movements. This makes it unique and makes it worth the extra money to get a good one. However, if you’re going to spend a lot of money on a custom Lightsaber, it’s worth spending the extra money on a better soundboard.

Motion Sensitive Smooth Swing

If you’re looking for a lightsaber that will move realistically and have a smooth swing, then you should look for one that features the Xenopixel’s motion-sensing technology. Developed by Thexter, this feature makes the lightsaber respond to subtle movements more naturally. These lightsabers may be neopixel or in-hilt LED sabers, but in order to work properly, they need a soundboard inside the hilt.

Controlled by Gestures & Customize with An SD Card

The Xenopixel Lightsaber is controlled by gestures and has a sound font selection that you can customize with an SD card. It is one of the most realistic light sabers on the market but can be damaged in hard dueling. The saber’s blades can be replaced if they break, so you’ll be able to continue enjoying it even after hard dueling.

Color Option in Xenopixel Lightsaber

You can choose between a single color or a different color combination, and this option is best for beginners. This light saber can be used for all kinds of battles, as it comes with a variety of sound fonts and lighting effects. The Xenopixel Lightsaber also has mute capabilities and is available in free shipping.

Lighting Fast Recharge

For those who want a light-up, powerful lightsaber, the Xenopixel lightsaber may be the ideal choice. This fully functional Neopixel lightsaber is complete with sound fonts, lighting effects, and Proffie. The Xenopixel is perfect for fans of Star Wars and other Star Wars fandoms who are looking for a new lightsaber. Its design is sturdy and made of aerospace grade aluminum, and it has a powerful pixel light source. Its fast recharge feature lets you quickly recharge its battery.

Recharge the Xenopixel Lightsaber

In order to recharge the Xenopixel Lightsaber, you first need to remove the battery and grip. Then, you can remove the battery to reset the low voltage protector. If you haven’t removed the battery before, you should be able to see it. It will be easier to remove the battery if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Privacy Policy & Shipping Policy

If you are interested in a full-featured Neopixel lightsaber with various lighting effects and sound fonts, then the Xenopixel Lightsaber is the perfect choice. It comes with many features, including Profile and privacy policies. If you do not have time to customize your lightsaber, then this would be the perfect option. Otherwise, you can go ahead and customize your lightsaber yourself.

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