6 Ways to Save Money When You Buy Sports Tickets

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Written by Emma Rhys

Did you know that soccer is the most popular sport around the world with an estimated 3.5 billion fans?

We all have our favorite sports for different reasons. Although many people would love to watch their favorite teams in person, it’s not in the cards for everyone.

We want to change that! Keep reading to learn how to save money when you buy sports tickets.

1. Try the Box Office

Most people buy sports tickets online these days, but you can try visiting the venue’s box office in person. Tickets are often released until the last minute, so you might be able to snag one even if they are sold out online.

When you buy tickets from the box office, you can avoid the convenience fees that online platforms charge.

Some venues offer obstructed view tickets. This is when the seats won’t provide an open view of the court or field, but they are available cheaper than tickets in the same row.

If you buy an obstructed view ticket, you might be sitting behind a support beam, but you’ll be at the event nonetheless! If you really don’t want to miss out on a game, ask the venue’s box office if they have this type of ticket available.

2. Travel to a Different Market

Tickets for live sports vary in price based on the city your team is playing in and their opponent. If you live in a big city, you might not be able to find affordable tickets to a game.

If you’re willing, travel to a smaller market to purchase tickets cheaper when your team comes to that area.

Ticket prices also change depending on demand, which is always higher in big cities.

If you need to buy a hotel or flight to see your team in a different city, the savings might not be worth it. Consider making a day trip to save the most money possible.

3. Buy Standing Room Tickets

One of the best money-saving tips is to look for standing-room areas at a stadium or arena. If you don’t mind standing on your feet for an entire game, you can watch your team with great views at a reduced price.

For example, Yankees Stadium offers the Pinstripe Pass for fans that don’t mind watching the game in a standing-room-only location. Plus, your first drink is included with the ticket!

Standing rooms are often filled with hyped-up fans so your experience at the game won’t diminish in quality.

Do research on the different venues in your area to find standing-room features.

4. Hang Out Around the Venue

Watching sports live is a dream for many. If you see that tickets are sold out online and you have no luck at the box office, don’t give up! If you are determined to go to a game, try hanging out around the venue the day of.

There are instances where professional sports lovers have extra tickets they are willing to get rid of at face value. If you do go this path to get tickets, be cautious of potential scams.

As a general tip, don’t purchase paper tickets outside of a venue. Paper tickets are easily forged.

If the tickets are being handled through an online ticket seller, make sure the purchase gets transferred to your account before you part ways with the person selling the tickets.

5. Compare Prices

The easiest way to buy sports tickets is online. However, it’s not always the most affordable choice.

Check if your team or the sports league has an official resale site, or if they partner with sites. You can find tickets to your favorite games on a resale marketplace like

If you can’t find anything within your budget on one resale website, look through other sites to compare prices. This may take some time, but it is a surefire way to find tickets within your price range.

On ticket-selling websites, you can search for tickets based on price, seat location, and more! To ensure you are getting the best deal, read the fine print. Factor in ticketing fees to the purchase price when comparing costs.

6. Wait for Discounted Nights

It might be tempting to buy tickets to see your favorite team as soon as the schedule drops, but this is not how you’ll save money.

A lot of teams offer discounted nights throughout the season. You’ll need to complete research and stay in the loop to find these deals.

Discounted tickets may include parking and concessions so you’ll save the maximum amount of money possible.

Discounted tickets are typically offered for games that don’t feature the most popular teams. Ticket prices are more expensive for the most in-demand games.

You’ll end up going to a less popular game, but you’ll still have fun watching your team!

You can also save money by buying tickets to games on off nights. Weekend games are going to be more expensive than games happening on Mondays or Tuesdays.

These not-as-well-attended games may come with a discounted price tag.

Save Money When You Buy Sports Tickets!

Watching your favorite sports team in person doesn’t have to break the bank! Despite what some think, there are ways to find affordable tickets to sports events.

Try buying tickets through the box office, consider traveling to a different market, or buy standing-room tickets. If this isn’t ideal for you, hang out around the venue to find sellers.

If you prefer the safety of buying tickets online, compare prices between different reseller sites and note any discounted nights.

With these tips, you’ll be seeing your favorite team in no time! Don’t forget to come back for more blogs like this.

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