All You Need to Know to Create a Website Content Plan

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Written by Emma Rhys

Content Plan: Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of marketing is to create an aura around your brand.

One of the most important aspects of creating a brand is to constantly create great Content Plan for your brand. While this is often one of the most fun aspects of running a business, you’ll soon find that it’s also one of the most challenging.

So how do you succeed with your content goals? How do you ensure effective content management?

Here’s how to create a great website content plan:

Content Plan Decide What Medium to Focus On

Ideally, your brand should have a blog, YouTube channel, and podcast. The more mediums you use to create content the better.

However, it’s likely that your strengths lie in one medium over the others. You also have to consider your time commitment and what you can focus on immediately.

When you start with your content plan choose which medium is the easiest for you to quickly get started with. You should also consider if you can create content for this medium on a consistent basis.

The easiest option for most content creators is blogging. You can easily write a few blog posts per week and publish them without spending any money. Start by writing blog posts before graduating to create podcasts and videos.

Make sure you look at this free keyword tool to help increase your blog post’s rankings. If you use popular keywords in your written content it’ll help boost your brand’s popularity on search engines.

Content Plan Determine Your Content Goals

With each piece of content you create you want to determine your content goals.

Of course, your main goal will always be to generate more traffic and increase your sales. But apart from this, you want to create additional goals to help engage your audience.

For example, are you writing a blog post to educate the audience about a particular topic? Is your podcast intended to introduce your audience to key industry players?

Always have a set content goal in mind before you create your content. This gives you an idea of how you’ll create effective content.

Content Plan Know Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a content creator is not understanding what your audience likes or dislikes. This is what has caused many great content creators to lose followers overnight.

For example, if you create family-friendly content your audience likely doesn’t want you to discuss politics even if they agree with your views!

They want an innocent channel away from the stress of always discussing politics and more serious matters.

Likewise, you must also understand how to communicate with your audience. A generic audience might want cookie-cutter explanations that are direct and to the point.

Others will want content that’s a bit fierier and places emphasis on style as much as substance.

This is especially crucial when you deal with international audiences. As your brand grows, you’ll likely want to target different demographics. Make sure that you understand what works and doesn’t work among different cultures.

Go Back and Edit Your Content

Part of your content plan has to include going back and editing existing content. Consider doing this at least once per quarter.

You’ll want to update your previous content with relevant information. For example, let’s say you wrote a blog post about Saint Lucia’s Citizenship-by-Investment program.

You might have written that it costs at least $100K to participate in this program. However, if this price increases then you must immediately make changes to the content.

If you ignore your previous content it’ll reflect poorly on your brand. You have to remember that a prospective client might discover you from an old blog post rather than a recent one.

You also need to make changes to your SEO keywords. Make sure you always research the latest popular keywords in your niche and change them when needed.

In some rare circumstances, it might even be better to delete older content if it’s no longer relevant. An irrelevant blog post is more harmful than not having blog posts at all.

Make sure you also check if there are any dead external links in your content. You should always update these with new links or remove the links altogether if needed.

Internationalize Your Content

As mentioned previously, you’ll eventually want to reach an international audience.

The internet has created more opportunities but has also created more opportunities. You have to reach an audience beyond your local market. Even if your local market is huge you don’t want to miss out on opportunities across borders.

Part of your content plan should be to translate your written content. Hire a professional translation service to translate your blog posts into as many languages as possible.

Likewise, add subtitles in different languages for your videos. This is one of the easiest ways to reach the widest audience possible. You’ll also improve your rankings on search engines.

You want your target audience to include as many people as possible. This is how you transform your brand into an empire!

Write Guest Posts

Part of succeeding as an entrepreneur is to offer services to other entrepreneurs. Likewise, when creating your content you want to also consider creating Website Content Plan for others.

At first, you might think this is counterintuitive and even harmful to your brand! But this is one of the easiest ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

It’s also one of the best ways to increase your brand’s visibility. Find online publishers who’ll allow you to write a blog post for them or appear in their videos or on their podcasts.

Create Your Website Content Plan

Now you know the steps to create a successful website content plan. If you follow these steps you’ll have no problem creating content to grow your brand.

You want to first focus on one medium before branching out to others. Make sure you always have a goal with each piece of content you make.

Learn about what your audience wants and always make changes to your content when needed. You also want to internationalize your content and write guest posts when you get a chance.

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