Rockstar Games releases GTA 6 trailer launch set for 2025

Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer
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Rockstar Games releases GTA 6 trailer launch set for 2025

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Rockstar Games finally released the trailer for its long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 on Tuesday, hours ahead of schedule, thanks to a supposed trailer leak on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). As expected, the trailer quickly went viral on YouTube, garnering over 11 million views in the 2-hour window since it was posted on the official Rockstar Games channel on YouTube.

American computer game distributor Rockstar Games supposedly intends to report the following portion of its well-known GTA franchise soon. Called the Grand Theft Auto Six (GTA 6), the computer game is supposed to go authority as soon as this week, 2023, with the full trailer expected to be delivered in December on Rockstar’s 25th commemoration.

Last year, Rockstar Games affirmed that they were dealing with a ‘new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series’.

Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer

As news reports indicate, the following emphasis of a famous video gaming title would have a female hero. Bloomberg recently detailed that GTA-6 would highlight the series’ first playable female person, yet is probably not going to be the main hero in the game.

According to a Bloomberg report, the game would be set in a fictionalized form of Miami, like in 2002’s GTA: Vice City.

A couple of interactivity recordings of an unreleased title spilt via web-based entertainment last year were suspected to be taken off from the following portion of the GTA series.

The Verge announced that the recordings posted looked like GTA-style interactivity and ended up corresponding with the tales circumventing the game.

Even though there has been no authority affirmation from the designers, different media reports recommend that the computer game be declared before long with an entire course of events for when the following portion of the GTA series will be delivered to the overall population.

Final Talk:

According to a report, Take-Two and Rockstar Games will officially announce the next instalment in its Grand Theft Auto series this week, 2023.


Did Rockstar announce GTA 6 yet?

While a few more leaks and rumours would arise in the next two years, it wasn’t until February 2022 that Rockstar sent out a press release announcing that development on the next GTA game was “well underway.” A decade’s worth of smoke finally led to a real fire, and we had official confirmation from the studio.

What will be the size of GTA 6?

How much GTA 6 will cost: Why there are rumours of a $150 price tag and the game being 750 GB in size. On September 5, 2023, Niche Gamer made an article about GTA 6 costing $150 on release. It is vital to mention that no proof was listed there.

Is GTA working on GTA 6?

GTA 6 Announcement

In February 2022, Rockstar officially confirmed the next Grand Theft Auto (presumably named GTA VI) was in development. Here’s the official announcement from Rockstar: “With the unprecedented longevity of GTA V, we know many of you have been asking us about a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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