How to Maintain a China Storage Rack

China Storage Rack
Written by Emma Rhys

If you own a collection of glassware or china, you should consider purchasing a China Storage Rack It is best to have a place where you can access it when you need it. Owning nice things is not worthwhile if you don’t use them. To maintain them properly, you should put them in long-term storage. Here are some tips:

Free-standing China Storage Rack

  • Glassware and china require special care and storage. They must not be crowded and should be stored in a convenient place to avoid scratching and damage. If you often use your china, you may want to display it on shelves or hang it. In order to avoid the risk of scratching, choose racks that have a wide base and are easy to reach from the floor or kitchen. Here are some useful tips to keep your china and glassware in top condition.
  • When choosing the right storage rack, make sure you know exactly what it will be used for. Its design should be sturdy enough to hold several place settings. It is also important to rotate the place settings so that they get even wear and tear. Silverware can be stored with minimum tarnishing. Once installed, the rack can be moved from place to place, as needed. A free-standing rack is also useful in a small space.

Care of china 

  • There are some basic things you need to remember when caring for your china storage rack. Fine china requires special attention. Exposure to high heat, direct contact, or heavy weight can damage it. You should never store it in the dishwasher, microwave, or refrigerator. Care for your rack by regularly wiping it clean with a soft cloth or sponge. Never put fine china in the microwave, dishwasher, or refrigerator. It should also be stored and moved with care to avoid spotting.
  • Avoid using newspaper for packaging. While it is a very cheap option, the ink from the paper may stain the dishes and ruin the pattern. Rather, opt for acid-free tissue paper or foam wrap. Another good choice is plastic bins. These are more durable than cardboard and allow you to see your contents easily. If you’re on a budget, consider using small boxes to avoid making the containers too heavy. Then, make sure to label each bin so you can easily find the right item when you need it.
  • When storing your china on a rack, keep in mind that delicate pieces should be protected from dust and dirt. A glass-front cabinet or hutch will protect your precious pieces from dust. A simple way to display your plates is in a built-in groove on the shelves. Or, you can opt for individual stands, which cost $9-15 at The Container Store. The key is not to over-crowd the storage rack, otherwise your plates will be damaged.
  • Moreover, fine china should be properly cleaned and kept away from other objects that could cause scratches. If not cleaned properly, it can even break. Always use warm water to clean fine china, and avoid harsh chemicals like bleach. Use mild dishwashing detergent instead of bleach, if possible. You may also use newspaper to improve the packaging. Once your china storage rack is ready for storage, you can then begin enjoying it for many years to come.

Care of glassware

  • To ensure the best quality of glassware, you should thoroughly sanitise and rinse them. Always wash glassware in a separate sink to remove any excess detergent. When washing crystal, use a separate sink to remove any spills or excess food and drink from the glassware. This prevents grime from drying on the glassware. Afterwards, dry the glassware in a clean cloth and store it away.
  • Stacking glasses and other items in a china storage rack should be done in a way that allows air circulation to occur. Glassware should never rub against each other when stacked. Always place a sheet of paper in between each item, so that they do not rub against one another. This way, they will be able to dry faster. Careful storing is crucial for the quality of your glassware, so consider this in your next purchase.
  • To store glassware and other valuable glassware, always keep them safe and well-protected. Use bubblewrap or paper towels to keep them in good condition. If you cannot afford bubblewrap, you can opt for standard wrapping paper. Never use newspapers as wrapping material as they may cause permanent stains. Besides bubblewrap and paper towels, you can also use cardboard dividers to separate your boxed items.
  • Different types of glassware require different cleaning techniques. Glassware made from plastic is easier to clean than glassware. Plastic glasses usually require no special maintenance, but some may have specific guidelines. Crystal is considered a high-end material and therefore requires more care. Compared to glass, crystal is typically lighter and has a higher clarity. Cleaning these pieces requires different techniques. To avoid damage, always keep the china storage rack away from children.
  • While you might have several different glassware collections, the storage requirements are similar for everyday and special glasses. For everyday glassware, you need a convenient, safe, and secure storage space. While you’re not using them, the delicate stems and rims of drinking glasses and the thin handles of cups are the most vulnerable. Make sure that these fragile pieces of glassware are stored safely in an indoor, climate-controlled environment.
  • A good glassware storage solution is a glass rack that has a number of different options. A glassjack is the most popular. This type of rack features internal compartments that secure glassware in place. Glassware with stems, for instance, should be stored with the base down. This prevents dust from collecting in the bowl, while upright storage makes the glasses safer. Make sure to dry glasses thoroughly before storing them in the glassjack.

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