Nurdian Cuaca – The Ex-Husband of Jamie Chua

nurdian cuaca
Written by Emma Rhys

Despite the fact that you are not familiar with the name Nurdian Cuaca , it is still possible to learn about his lifestyle and his business. You can even learn about his divorce and his nurdian cuaca net worth.

nurdian cuaca net worth

Known as the former husband of business tycoon Jamie Chua, Nurdian Cuaca is a famous businessman.So He is best known for his investments in the real estate industry. He owns several real estate properties in Asia.

  • Numerous businesses

                                            * Cuaca is an Indonesian businessman who has numerous businesses. He owns a shoe company and has invested in the real estate sector. He also owns shares in a private company.

                                            * He has been in the business for many years. His business interests include real estate, automobiles, and casino industries. nurdian cuaca net worth company has shares worth $79.2 million.

jamie chua nurdian cuaca Jamie Chua’s ex-husband

Having been married to one of the world’s richest businessmen, Cuaca, for fifteen years, jamie chua alimony and her ex-husband are now splitting up. During their marriage, Jamie is currently dating lawyer Terence Koh.

How many kids of Nurdian

Nurdian Cuaca has two children with his ex-wife. Their son is named Cleveland Cuaca and their daughter is Calista Cuaca. Both children are now grown up. However, the former husband is not open about his personal life. He is not available on social media websites.

In an interview, jamie chua alimony told viewers that her divorce was one of the lowest points in her life. Because She explained that she didn’t marry into a wealthy family and had to earn her money to pay them back.

During the course of their marriage, Nurdian and jamie chua alimony were married in front of their close family. They had two children together: Cleveland and Calista. They met on a flight. Jamie worked as an air hostess for Singapore Airlines. She worked there for three years. After that, she quit her job to work for her husband’s company.

nurdian cuaca business

Despite his business success, Nurdian Cuaca has chosen to keep his personal life out of the public eye. 

He also owns a house in Hong Kong, worth $15 million.

nurdian cuaca divorce

Throughout his life, Cuaca has been very active in the business world. So He has invested in various fields, including real estate, automobiles and other businesses. However, he is not very open about his personal life.

In his early years, he was a student at the University of Indonesia. He graduated with a degree in management. During the divorce proceedings, Nurdian Cuaca had to pay his ex-wife $450,000 per month as alimony. However, he claimed that the money belonged to his sister, Risna.

Indonesian investments industry

Nurdian Cuaca has many assets, including a house in Hong Kong and Sentosa Cove.

  • The divorce settlement agreement awarded Nurdian’s ex-wife control over his assets.
  • This included his private investments of $80 million.
nurdian cuaca

nurdian cuaca

Lifestyle of nurdian cuaca

Known as the ex-husband of jamie chua alimony, Cuaca is a businessman from Indonesia. He has invested in various fields, including real estate. Nurdian has 2 kids with his Ex_wife.

However, he has made a good amount of money throughout his career. He has a net worth of $50 million.

  • Cuaca was born in Jakarta on October 12, 1965.
  • Married in 1995.
  • They have two children together, Calista and Cleveland.
  • They have a house in Hong Kong worth $15 million.

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