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Nuri Review – Is it Right For You?

Written by Emma Rhys

There are a lot of good things to like about Nuri, an online cryptocurrency bank. It offers low trading fees, a debit card, and a savings plan. It is also easy to open an account. Despite this, there are a few disadvantages. The service is not yet available for everyone.

Nuri cryptocurrency bank

Nuri is a cryptocurrency bank that supports BTC and ETH. It also offers the ability to trade these cryptocurrencies into Euros. This means that you can spend your crypto funds instantly, without having to wait for them to arrive. Moreover, Nuri is a VISA-card, so you can use it at any merchant that accepts VISA. However, you should note that it is not the cheapest option. The fees involved are only enough to cover the costs of the blockchain network.

User-friendly interface

Nuri offers a user-friendly interface. It has a menu with several sections such as “Account,” “Wallet,” “Transfer,” and “ETH trades.” In addition, users can also set up their personal information and access their account statements. Nuri also offers a customer-friendly customer support center. Customers can submit support requests via email or live chat. Users can also link their cryptocurrency wallets to their Nuri bank accounts. This makes it easy to receive and send cryptocurrencies using Nuri. In addition, users can send Bitcoin to their digital wallet directly.

Nuri Charges 1% trading fees

Whether you’re an experienced trader looking to increase your portfolio, or a beginner just getting started with the world of cryptocurrency, Nuri is a good place to start. With a low flat fee of 1%, Nuri makes crypto trades easy and fast. This means that you’ll be able to spend your crypto instantly. The platform offers a bank account and wallet for both Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH.

Nuri’s trading limits are relatively low, so you may not want to use this account for regular large purchases. Nuri also offers a Bitcoin interest account that lets you earn 5% interest on your BTC holdings. It is partnered with Celsius Network, which gives its users the chance to earn extra cash. The company also offers free cash withdrawal, debit cards, and a VISA card.


Offers debit card

The Nuri debit card is a simple way for you to withdraw cash from your account and pay bills from other companies. The Nuri debit card can be used wherever Visa is accepted. You can also use it to make international payments. It also offers free ATM withdrawals all over the world.

Unlike most other cryptocurrency wallets, Nuri does not require an account in order to deposit funds. Moreover, the Nuri debit card makes your crypto funds spendable instantly. This is a major advantage over other methods of payment. For example, with Nuri, you can convert your bitcoins to euros within two taps, and spend your euros instantly. You can also use your Nuri card to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Nuri does not charge you for opening an account, but there are trading fees when you sell cryptocurrencies to other people.

Savings plan

If you’re thinking of using cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle, you should consider using a service like Nuri, which offers automatic savings plans for Ethereum and Bitcoin. This service works by enabling customers to set up monthly or yearly savings plans. The Nuri app lets customers select which day of the month to set aside money, as well as how much money they’d like to save each month. Unlike a Bitcoin Credit Card, a Nuri account can only be used to spend Nuri Euros.

The Nuri Savings Plan is similar to recurring bank deposits, in which a user deposits a fixed amount each day, weekly, or monthly. This automatic deposit process allows the user to counteract the impact of price fluctuations and achieve their investment goal over time. This method is known as cost-averaging and it has a number of benefits.

Requires a banking license to handle fiat funds

Nuri is a next-generation blockchain bank. It offers users a secure way to store their cryptocurrency funds. Nuri’s crypto vaults have private keys that you must possess in order to access them. You can store up to 100,000 EUR in these vaults. The Nuri platform also offers international payment features, such as SEPA and Euro payments.


Nuri is a German fintech company that previously operated under the name Bitwala. It was founded by three crypto enthusiasts in 2013 with the goal of using Bitcoin to pay for everyday products. However, its bank partner closed down, and it was forced to look for a new beginning. Nuri’s new banking license will allow it to handle fiat funds while maintaining its decentralized model.

Requires crypto custody license to safely store customers’ digital assets

Cryptocurrency storage providers, such as Nuri, must obtain a crypto custody license to safely store customer digital assets. They must also comply with anti-money laundering regulations and capital requirements. Nuri has two different storage locations for its customers’ cryptocurrencies. One of the locations is located in Germany, while the other is located in the United States.

While Nuri has a web application for customers to access their accounts, the mobile application requires a suitable mobile device with internet access. Other access procedures are not supported. The company’s communications with its customers will only be in electronic form, via e-mail or online inbox in the Nuri App. No paper notifications will be sent.

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