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Anthony Hopkins
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Sir Anthony Hopkins recently launched an exclusive series of NFTs, called The Eternal Collection, in collaboration with the digital NFT studio Orange Comet. These NFTs are non-fungible pieces of data that are stored on a blockchain ledger and are generally associated with digital artwork. The Eternal Collection features paintings of Sir Anthony Hopkins depicting 10 archetypes.


Two-time Oscar winner Sir Anthony Hopkins will release his first NFT collection, entitled The Eternal, in collaboration with digital entertainment company Orange Comet. Known for his passion for digital art, Hopkins is no stranger to the technology, having already held a solo exhibition of his work in 2005. His new NFT project represents a bold step into an emerging industry.

Anthony Hopkins isn’t the first celebrity to engage with the NFT community. Last June, he tweeted about his love for NFTs, asking fellow actors Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Fallon to give him advice. He has also consulted NFT community members Reese Witherspoon and Beeple, and purchased several pieces from fellow actors.

Collaborated Web3 Studio Startup Orange Comet

The actor has collaborated with Web3 studio startup Orange Comet to launch his first collection of NFTs, which feature some of his most famous movie roles. The actor’s NFTs will be available to fans soon on the company’s OpenSea platform.

Sir Anthony Hopkins’ NFTs will be available in three tiers: the cheapest, the second and the most expensive. The top tier includes physical posters chosen by the actor. The most expensive tier comes with an intimate lunch with Hopkins, and a signed art book.

NFTs will drop on OpenSea in mid-September, and Hopkins and Arroyave will designate a charity from the proceeds. Each NFT will feature all 10 archetypes and a winning bidder will receive a framed print of each piece. Each of the 10 NFTs will also come with exclusive content, such as an autographed print or audio from Hopkins.

1000 Distinguished PFPs

As part of his 1000 Distinguished PFPs campaign, Anthony Hopkins has promised to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. The actor has also promised to participate in several IRL events, such as a one-on-one brunch. As part of the campaign, Hopkins has created a series of exclusive audio clips that will be shared with members of his community. The first one will be released on September 16.

In mid-September, the first NFT collection of Sir Anthony Hopkins will launch on OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace. Each piece will feature a unique illustration of Hopkins. The images will also include a virtual animation of Hopkins in each archetype. The collection is divided into three tiers, each with its own perks. The top-tier purchasers will receive an in-person lunch with the actor and an autographed copy of his book.

The PFP portion of the project will be composed of 1000 NFTs, each with a different Jungian character theme. In addition to a high-quality NFT, the collection will include exclusive audio clips from Hopkins discussing the archetypes. It will also include a limited-edition DVD and a limited-edition poster.

Anthony Hopkins is a multi-award winner and has teamed up with Web3 media company Orange Comet for a new multimedia project. This project is titled The Eternal Collection. It contains 10 digital animations of the actor as various Jungian character archetypes. The project will go live on OpenSea on September 16th.

10 Legendary animations

Sir Anthony Hopkins has teamed up with Web 3 media company Orange Comet to launch a new collection of digital animations called “The Eternal Collection.” The collection will feature 10 hyper-realistic animations of Hopkins in different Jungian archetypes. Each piece will include a 35-45-second video animation of the actor. The collection will be available on the OpenSea platform starting in mid-September.

Each piece will feature hyper-realistic digital renderings of Hopkins’ face and will be between thirty and 45 seconds long. Each NFT features 100 variations of the Jungian character theme. The drop will also feature a one-of-a-kind one-on-one NFT piece. A helping of the takings from the sale will be given to aid.

Three drops of Hopkins as character archetypes

In addition to the NFT collection, there will be three drops of Hopkins as character archetypes. Each of these drops will include one to three drops of the actor in the role of a particular Jungian archetype. Additionally, Orange Comet will auction off a unique NFT that features all ten animations. This NFT will include exclusive content such as audio and signed prints.

The NFTs will be released in three phases: the “Iconic” category with all ten ideal characters, and the “Legendary” category with ten animated NFTs. The NFTs will be framed with the actor’s signature. Those who purchase a Legendary NFT will also receive a signed book and a special conversation with Hopkins.

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