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Dareu A104 Gaming Keyboard

In this article, we will discuss a number of features that make the Dareu A104 Gaming Keyboard stand out from other products. This brand combines quality, innovation, and style to make a fantastic gaming keyboard at an affordable price. We will also take a closer look at how to find the best deal on this particular model. Continue reading to discover why this keyboard deserves a spot in your gaming arsenal!

The Dareu A104 Wired Gaming Keyboarding features the 100% CHERRY MX mechanical gaming key switches for the ultimate competitive edge, and a compact design that maximizes desk space. The keyboard also features precision-molded PBT keycaps for comfortable typing. Designed with the gamer in mind, this keyboard has a range of advanced features including full key rollover and a magnetic top cover that makes cleaning and replacement easy.

Dareu combines quality, innovation, and style at a favorable price

When it comes to gaming peripherals, Dareu has you covered with their extensive line of products. This popular brand combines quality and innovation with style and a lower price tag to create a product that is both reliable and affordable. Its products provide the latest gaming innovations at a low price. Its brand-new switches deliver a premium writing experience, while the pre-lubed keys make changing keyboards easy.

Dareu A84

The Dareu A84 Tri-mode Connection, 100% Hotswap RGB LED Backlighted Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is available from authorized Dareu brand BZFuture. It features a custom TTC flame red switch and a great price. It also has fast and easy delivery. Buying this gaming keyboard is the right choice for the gaming enthusiast.

Customized TTC Flame Red Switch

A custom-made TTC flame red switch is an excellent choice for the Dareu A84 Tri-mode connection keyboard. The new TTC flame red switch offers a bright, uniform light with better guide efficiency, more luminous flux, and better color consistency. With the latest technology, the TTC flame red switch is both functional and fashionable, perfect for gamers who want to express their individuality.

100% Hotswap RGB LED

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard that is both affordable and has great features, consider the Dareu A84, a tri-mode connection, 100% hotswap RGB LED backlit mechanical keyboard. This keyboard features a custom TTC flame red switch and a comfortable ergonomic design that matches your natural arm postures. The keyboard automatically enters a “sleep” mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. It will re-awaken with any key press. You can buy this keyboard from many online retailers, including Amazon, eBay, and Dareu.

Dareu A98

The Dareu A98 is a 98-key mechanical gaming keyboard with a tri-mode connection and a Sky V3 switch. The keyboard also features 100% Hotswap RGB Backlit PBT keycaps. Currently, 165 customers are viewing the Dareu A98 on

Dareu A98 Tri-Mode Connection

The DAREU A98 Tri-Mode Connection keyboard features a full spectrum of RGB backlit PBT keycaps and a 4-mode connection for multi-touch actuation. Its 3.5mm thick silicone gasket and soft elastic PC material positioning plate offer comfort for the user. The blue sky switch V3 provides 45 gf of actuation force, linear feel, and fenced core structure, which is more stable than its predecessor. The keyboard also features a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery digital display power, a new satellite shaft tuned by DAREU, and a closed loop.


In China, DAREU has a strong brand recognition as a peripheral equipment manufacturer. In 2013, the company implemented the brand concept of InChina * And Benefit The World and became the only designated keyboard for the China Division of WCG2013, the world’s most prominent game event. In 2014, the WCG was replaced by the IET Yiwu International E-Sports Competition. DAREU supports the industry and has set up an official online brand shop to serve e-sports fans all over the world.


With a built-in 3.5mm thick silicone gasket, a soft elastic PC material positioning plate, and a closed loop design, this keyboard features smooth action and precision, while the DAREU blue sky switch V3 delivers a 45gf actuation force with a linear up-and-down feel. The switch features a fenced core structure that enhances its stability, while its digital display power comes from a 4000mAh lithium battery. The keyboard also features a tuned satellite shaft, which allows it to work for 45 days without a backlight, and a built-in 3.5mm thick silicone gasket.


Before you purchase your E-YOOSO K620 USB Mechanical Gamer’s Keyboard, you should have an idea of what it is made of and how it works. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we have listed down some of the features of this keyboard. Read on to find out more. We also go over whether it has a Blue Switch, 87 Keys, and what you need to know about it.

Blue Switch 87 Key Backlit

The E-YOOSO K620 USB Mechanical Gameboard features a blue switch with an arc and slope to comfortably fit your hands. The keyboard features 16.8 million color options and 14 lighting modes. Moreover, it features an N-key rollover, which allows you to control the RGB side of the key individually. The keyboard also has 5 programmable macro keys to record key-bindings.

The mechanical keyboard is made from high-quality Blue Switch with 50 million keystrokes lifespan. Its distance between actuation and press force is 2.8mm. In addition, it supports hot-swappable mechanical switches and professional driver support. It also features an 87-key design and full key anti-ghosting. You can plug it into your PC without worrying about installing any software.

The mechanical keys on the E-YOOSO K620 USB Mechanical Gameboard are made from Cherry Blue, which is a kind of switch that offers both speed and precision. This keyboard also has eight built-in gaming modes. The keycaps are durable and non-slip, and the backlighting is elegant without glare. The keyboard also has a gold-plated USB connector that is safe for sensitive eyes.

Blue Switch

The E-YOOSO K620 USB Mechanical gaming keyboard is a fantastic value for under $30. This keyboard has an ergonomic arc and slope for optimal typing comfort. Made of top-grade ABS and metal, the keyboard is completely waterproof and dust-proof. Designed for maximum comfort, it also comes with an anti-ghosting and 100% anti-ghosting switch.

This high-quality mechanical keyboard offers 50 million keystroke life expectancy. The 2.8mm distance from actuation and 65g actuation force make this keyboard the ideal choice for long hours of gaming or working. The ergonomic curves and non-slip rear feet allow it to fit your hands comfortably, eliminating the risk of fatigue during marathon gaming sessions. The keyboard features 87 backlit keys for convenience while typing and gaming, and 12 multimedia keys for increased efficiency.

The ergonomic design and Blue switches provide accurate, responsive key commands. Its 50 million keystroke lifespan, two customizable backlight modes, and 4 RGB side lighting modes make it the ideal keyboard for gamers of all skill levels. The keycaps are double-shot injection-molded, which provide elegant, uniform backlighting without glare or eye-straining brightness.

87 Keys

The ergonomic design and double injection keycap make the E-YOOSO K620 USB Mechanical gaming keyboard more convenient for use. Despite its compact size, it is still larger than a standard keyboard. Its mechanical keys feature medium resistance and are complemented by double injection keycaps. The keyboard also features a built-in 2000mAh battery and 18 RGB light effects. The keyboard’s rubber feet and innovative roller button control make it dust-proof and waterproof.

The ergonomic design of the E-YOOSO Mechanical Keyboard makes it easy to type, even if you are not using a headset. The mechanical switches are equipped with a high-quality Blue Switch. Each keycap has a 50-million-key lifespan and is capable of absorbing 65g of force. This keyboard also has an 87-key design, anti-ghosting keycaps, and supports plug and play.

Among its features, the E-YOOSO K620 USB Mechanical gaming keyboard boasts 18 adjustable backlight modes, eight dynamic lighting modes, two customizable backlight modes, and 4 RGB side lighting modes. This mechanical gaming keyboard offers the ultimate in gaming immersion with perfect key sensitivity and response. Double injection molded keycaps are also designed to be comfortable to use and provide uniform backlighting that doesn’t cause eye-hurting glare.

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