What is Active Alarm Monitoring?

Written by Emma Rhys

What is Active Alarm Monitoring? A monitoring service can notify you if a motion sensor is triggered. Various scenarios can trigger an alarm, including fire, carbon monoxide, or an attempted break-in. It can also alert you if someone calls your wellness system, such as if a loved one is in need of help. Many modern security systems can send you text or email alerts so that you know what is happening at your home or business.

Centrally Monitored Alarm Systems

There are several benefits to centrally monitored alarm systems. For starters, you can be assured that the monitoring station is always on the lookout for emergencies. Your alarm system can send out alerts to a central station year round, alerting local authorities and emergency services as necessary. This service is especially helpful for rural businesses. But what makes this service unique? Read on to find out more. Here are a few ways central monitoring can benefit your business.

First, a central monitoring station must be UL listed. UL-approved central stations must be computer-based and capable of processing large amounts of data. They must also have experience in integrating various alarm protocols. Most central monitoring stations strive to be FM approved, which indicates that their alarm systems are compatible with a wide variety of transmission methods. Digital alarm receivers turn incoming signals into event packets that can be sent to a central monitoring station. This enables a central station to receive alerts from any location in the world.

Benefits of a Centrally Monitored Alarm System

When you purchase a monitored alarm system, you get a variety of benefits. First, you can feel confident that you are protected, as your system is connected to a monitoring center. If a fire or other emergency situation occurs, a monitoring center will call you or dispatch emergency workers to your location. You can also connect smoke and CO detectors to the system, which can alert the monitoring team of the presence of these dangerous gases. Lastly, you can relax knowing that your house is secure from harm even if you are not at home.

A central monitoring center will immediately notify the appropriate authorities in the event of a fire or emergency. The monitoring center will respond quickly to the emergency and may contact you for permission before dispatching the local authorities. However, many people do not like paying recurring fees. This is why you should be aware of any accidental alarms – even false ones – as false alarms could be charged to your account. However, a central monitoring station will always notify the authorities if they are unable to get in touch with you or the emergency.

Key Features of a Monitored Alarm System

A high-quality active alarm monitoring system is one that reacts to changes in the environment. This means that if someone enters a certain area without authorization, the alarm control panel should respond immediately. A good system should also be able to determine when a problem occurred and reactivate the security system. Sensors may sound an alarm at different times or in various locations. In both cases, the programming settings need to be accurate. Likewise, sensors must be programmed to respond according to their programming settings.

Enhanced call verification: Unlike traditional call-in alarms, the latest alarm systems use a broadband signaling method to send alerts to emergency operators. Enhanced call verification reduces false dispatches by as much as 25 percent. In some jurisdictions, this feature is mandated. It requires the central station to make two calls to a responsible party’s number. In the UK, this method has been adopted by many security companies.

Questions to ask about a Monitored Alarm System

There are many different things to consider before selecting a home security system. The level of security that you want from your alarm system is largely determined by the protective devices it includes. The price that you pay will also depend on the features you want. Make sure that your chosen company provides ongoing monitoring. Additionally, make sure that the company is certified and carries any necessary licenses and permits. This way, you’ll be sure that your home is protected and that it’s working properly.

Make sure the monitoring company is national. The older systems use a copper-based telephone network to communicate with the monitoring station. Newer alarm systems are wireless and rely on a home Wi-Fi system to communicate with the monitoring station. When choosing an alarm monitoring system, make sure to ask the company about their geographic restrictions. Do they cover all states in the country? If not, you should consider using another company.

Cost of a Mnitored Alarm System

The cost of an active alarm monitoring system varies widely by company, but the primary difference is the level of service. An unmonitored alarm is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain it and to pay for repairs if something goes wrong. Monitored security systems usually come with warranties and discounted repairs during the warranty period. A monitored security system is also ideal for homes that are vulnerable to natural disasters and power outages.

The initial installation fees of a monitored security system can run upwards of $200, so you need to be very careful when shopping. Some companies may advertise free equipment but include extra monthly monitoring fees that are not included in the initial price. Make sure to compare prices carefully, as companies that advertise free equipment often charge extra fees. Alternatively, companies that advertise no activation fees may have higher monitoring fees. Once you have determined the costs, compare different companies to find the one that best suits your needs.

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