What to Do With Unused Gift Cards

Unused Gift Cards
Written by Emma Rhys

As much as $3 billion in gift cards goes unused each year. Gift cards are a popular gift option, but what do you do when you receive an unused or unwanted gift card?

In this article, we’ll cover a few of your options for cashing out or earning money from unused gift cards. Read on for a complete guide on what to do with old gift cards!

1. Resell the Cards

One option is to sell your unused gift cards to a gift card reseller. These companies buy gift cards at a discounted price and then resell them to other consumers.

You can earn cash for your unwanted gift cards by selling them on websites such as Prepaid2Cash, Cardpool, and Raise. Read more here about how to resell your gift cards.

2. Buy Items You Can Sell

Another option is to use your gift card to purchase items you would have bought anyway, and then sell the items at a profit. This can be a great way to earn some extra money.

You can use this extra cash to buy items you were going to anyway, like clothing, electronics, or even groceries. Just make sure to factor in the fees associated with selling items online before you make your purchase.

3. Donate Unused Gift Cards

Just because you don’t want a gift card doesn’t mean you can’t find it a good home. You can also use your unused gift card to make a charitable donation.

Many organizations, such as the Red Cross and Goodwill, accept gift cards as donations. This is a great way to give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of others.

4. Exchange for a Different Gift Card

If you have a gift card for a store that you don’t plan on shopping at, you can also exchange it for a gift card for a store that you do plan on shopping at. Some companies, such as Plastic Jungle and Gift Card Granny, will buy or trade your gift card for a different one.

5. Buy Gifts for Someone Else

Finally, you can use your gift card to purchase items for yourself or for others as a gift. This is a great way to get the most out of your gift card and put it to good use.

Don’t Let Unused Gift Cards Go to Waste

There are many ways to cash out or earn money from old or unused gift cards. You may decide to sell them to a gift card reseller, purchase items to sell for a profit, or make a charitable donation.

You can also exchange them for a different gift card, or simply use them to purchase items for yourself or others. The next time you receive an unwanted gift card, don’t let it go to waste – put it to good use and make the most out of it.

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