Why Are Clip-In Extensions Better Than Other Hair Extensions?

Written by Emma Rhys

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair regardless of the effort they put in. The reason could be the texture, scalp issues, and more. The most efficient and easiest way to get beautiful hair to touch and show is with the help of clip-in extensions that will assist in achieving your dream look.

With their help, it is only a matter of your creativity on how to use them on your weft. It helps professionals and other people experiment on them without causing any damage. Though there is some shade on a fake weft, one must understand that everyone can’t have a colorful and healthy long weft simultaneously.

Benefits of Clip-In Extensions

We know that clip-in extensions are an excellent option to increase your length or add highlights. But why are they so widely preferred? Below are six points that will help you understand their benefits and prevalent use.

Ease Of Application 

As the name suggests, these extensions come with a clip attached to the fabric with the woven weft. You must open up the clip and put them in your weft to use them. While doing so, you should ensure that your weft is clean and partitioned to avoid any newbie mistakes.

Ease Of Availability

There are many types of clips and extensions available in the market. These are ponytails, bangs, highlights, crown volumizers, etc. With the ease of use, they have a massive demand in the market. Various clip-in extensions are beneficial for focusing on a particular area to ease this burden and the consumer’s need.

No Hair Damage

These wefts do not get attached directly to the scalp or the roots. They are clipped parallel to the start of your hair. Meaning that they neither tug nor pull your hair down taut. It minimizes the appearance of your traction alopecia and thinning hair without causing more harm.

Multiple Colors

As the extension does not have a scalp meaning, you don’t have to worry about damage to the root. Bleach causes significant damage to the root, and with weft extensions, there aren’t any roots. Thus you can color them however you want, and they’ll give you satisfactory results.

Ease Of Styling 

While hair thinning and alopecia require special attention, people still opt for various tools and hairstyles. It can be very damaging to your natural hair, but in the case of extensions, it’s not necessary. You can curl, crimp or straighten your extensions. As long as you treat them with a hair care routine, even once a month, and wash them accordingly, you can use them regularly for a long time.

Ease Of Maintenance

You don’t have to buy or look for products that cater specially to your extensions. Your regular hair care products include your shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. It is so because a good quality extension is made of natural hair and this real hair needs the same attention as the hair on your scalp.


There is nothing wrong with wanting beautiful hair, but if it damages your weft simultaneously, then it’s useless. A clip-in extension can help you increase the volume, add color, and cover your crown all at once or applied accordingly. There are multiple benefits and occasions that one can use these extensions; what matters is how you use them.

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