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Social Proof Plugins
Written by Emma Rhys

There are several WP Social Proof Plugins to choose from to boost your digital marketing efforts. Notifia advertises a comprehensive range of widgets, which allows you to customize their display settings. You can sign up for a monthly subscription for $49, which includes unlimited impressions and visitors, basic Social Proof messaging, and Customer Support. Read on to discover the benefits of each widget and learn how to implement them to maximize your marketing efforts.


To maximize the impact of your social proof marketing campaign, you can use OptinMonster and TrustPulse. The former offers a set of customizable widgets, including countdown timers to highlight the days until a sale ends. The latter uses geo-location targeting to customize your campaigns based on the region of the visitor. Both provide insights on the effectiveness of different social proof marketing strategies, including how they can help boost your conversion rates.

OptinMonster comes with a stand-alone dashboard. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily create an opt-in form and customize its appearance. It also offers an array of tools to optimize your opt-in campaign. The tool also allows you to use A/B testing to optimize your campaign and increase conversion rates. The software is compatible with most popular eCommerce platforms, and supports WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and a host of other platforms.

OptinMonster is an effective lead generation tool for WordPress. It creates a visually-appealing pop-up form that communicates your brand’s credibility. Its drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create eye-catching opt-in forms. It also has a built-in countdown timer that alerts visitors if they are on a timer.

The TrustPulse WP Social Proof Plugin allows you to personalize pop-ups based on the user’s profile. It also uses cookie data to identify a visitor’s sales funnel so that you can tailor your content to meet their needs. With these tools, you can automate your email marketing campaigns and boost your conversions. This plugin also works with popular email service providers.


Using Social Proof Plugins such as TrustPulse can greatly increase your digital marketing efforts. These tools enable your visitors to see your real-time actions and boost your credibility. With TrustPulse, you can control the timing and targeting of notifications to boost your conversion rates. TrustPulse is free for up to 500 sessions per month. Once you’ve added it to your website, it will be an instant success.

Another tool in the TrustPulse suite is its ability to create a “fear of missing out” feeling for your visitors. This is the perfect tool for everyday sales, but when you’re looking for a call to action that’s going to generate a lot of traffic, you should use the On-fire campaign. The fear of missing out is a proven digital marketing strategy, and TrustPulse is designed to increase sales by as much as 15%.

Another powerful feature of the TrustPulse Social Proof Plugin is its ability to eliminate fake social proof. It lets you choose from a wide variety of campaign types to leverage social proof. These can include live website activity, like the number of visitors during a specified period of time, and real page views over time. With TrustPulse, you can create your own unique social proof strategy based on data and statistics.

If you’re looking for social proof plugins for WordPress, you should check out Boast and TrustPulse. They are both great tools to use and can help you increase conversions by up to 10%. And both have customizable features that allow you to display your customers’ real actions on your website. The Boast Social Proof Plugin can even send reminder emails to customers about their purchase.

While choosing a website builder is important, it may change over time. While Wix was ideal for you when you first started out, you may have outgrown it. WordPress has more advanced functionality. When you switch platforms, you’ll want to change your social proof software to be flexible enough to change with your site. You don’t want to lose data and struggle to find another marketing tool.

Sprout Social

If you’re looking for a social media management tool to streamline and accelerate your business’s digital marketing efforts, look no further than Sprout Social. This powerful marketing tool makes it easy to use social media tools from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other platforms. Sprout also integrates with Bitly and Google Analytics, so you can track the performance of your localized efforts. The dashboard provides insights into traffic to individual market pages as well as your overall campaign.

Sprout Social was started in 2009 by Justyn Howard, a frustrated social media marketer. He wanted to create a simple tool that small businesses and brands could use. Howard was joined by Aaron Rankin, Gilbert Lara, and Peter Soung, who are now the company’s CTO and creative director, respectively. This social media management tool is perfect for businesses, because it allows them to create multiple profiles for their brands.

Sprout Social also offers valuable information. Aside from providing valuable marketing tips, the site is also a place to learn about different marketing strategies. Sprout Social has a section on home-based businesses. You can learn about different marketing strategies and build a list of friends and acquaintances that can potentially become sales. You can even build a feedback section and get feedback from your potential customers.

Sprout helps you manage Google My Business reviews by providing customizable notifications and sorting reviews by priority. By managing your social media content using Sprout, you can ensure that it receives the maximum number of views possible. This way, you can respond to customer reviews in real time, improve your online reputation, and increase store foot traffic. The review functionality in Sprout is one of the most impressive features of this platform.

Sprout offers deep insights into social media demographics. It can even help you determine how your Facebook marketing strategy is performing against your competitors. With its free toolkit, you can use the data to elevate your social success. You can also use Sprout for Facebook. In addition to boosting your digital marketing efforts, Sprout is also capable of providing in-depth analytics on your Facebook and Twitter campaigns.


Social proof plugins increase the authority of your website. WPFomify can help you achieve this by displaying notifications of sales and activities from previous user traffic. It also displays a floating button similar to an Intercom that alerts visitors to sales or special offers. You can integrate WPFomify with other leading services such as Zapier to track your social proof results.

The plugin can be installed on any website, including WordPress. It will work on various social media platforms as well as email addresses. Social proof plugins are an excellent way to boost your website traffic and win the trust of your visitors. The plugin includes inbuilt templates for displaying social proof data. If you want to maximize its benefits, you can even customize the social proof box to suit your site’s design and branding.

Several of these social proof plugins work with different types of websites. One works with WooCommerce, while another is designed for other types. A few of these plugins are available for free, but you’ll need to have a significant amount of monthly traffic to use them. If you’re serious about boosting your digital marketing efforts, WPFomify is worth a look. You can download a free trial of it for free.

Notify allows you to track real purchases made by customers and highlight user activity on your site. TrustPulse has advanced rules and a timer for displaying social proof notifications. You can choose when to show these notifications based on the type of customer. In addition, you can set specific time intervals for the notification bubbles to appear on your website. This plugin is easy to install and ready to use right out of the box.

Beeketing is another excellent social proof plugin that can increase your conversions and sales. This plugin connects automatically to WordPress websites and displays recent sales pop notifications. It transforms your site into a dynamic place where visitors will want to spend time. Furthermore, pictures catch the attention of your visitors more than words. By adding a customer’s picture to a recent sale display, you’ll create a sense of trust and confidence among your prospective customers.

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