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Which Company Is Best For Mobile Insurance?

Written by Emma Rhys

Among the top carriers, US Cellular offers an extensive coverage plan for unlocked phones. It sounds similar to other major carriers, but it offers a credit monitoring feature. It could be handy if your phone is stolen or lost and financial information is stored on it. Third-party mobile insurance plans are also available for phones not affiliated with the major carriers. As a result, you can purchase coverage without a contract or commitment.

Mobile Insurance Asurion Best Overall

Asurion’s Mobile Insurance covers common problems with cell phones, including cracked screens, loss, mechanical failure, and water damage. It also covers accessories, such as earbuds, chargers, and headphones. The best part of this plan is that you can file a claim for up to three times a year, without ever having to visit an insurance agent. The best part is that you can cancel your policy if the need arises, and you can make up to three claims per year.

When shopping for Mobile Insurance, consider the cost. The average monthly premium is about $100, so if you are concerned about cost, look elsewhere. However, consider that a cheap phone may not be worth the extra $100 per year it costs to cover a loss. In addition to that, many insurance plans don’t cover loss of the mobile phone within the first year of purchase. Many carriers don’t offer full coverage, so you’ll need to buy a pre-owned device.

Square trade Best for Families

The SquareTrade Best for Families mobile insurance plan is a great way to protect your expensive gadgets. If you have a smartphone, tablet, LED TV, desktop computer, or home theater system, SquareTrade will protect it. However, they don’t cover theft, only identity theft recovery. If you want to protect your iPhone, you can get the SquareTrade Premium Phone Protection Plus plan.

The standard plan for smartphones from SquareTrade is an extended warranty. That means that it will cover all kinds of device malfunctions after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Some of the issues that SquareTrade covers include screen failure, battery and power/charging issues, water damage, and theft. There are also premium plans available, costing around $4 per month. These premium plans also include additional services, such as roadside assistance and identity theft recovery. When you switch service providers, your SquareTrade coverage will follow you.

AppleCare+ Best for iPhone

Which AppleCare+ plan is right for you? AppleCare+ provides round-the-clock priority support and advice from Apple’s experts. While the company offers free support for the first 90 days after you purchase your device, you may need extra coverage after that. In some cases, AppleCare+ may be the only option. However, you can still save money by purchasing AppleCare+ before you purchase your iPhone.

When purchasing AppleCare+ for your iPhone, you’ll get peace of mind and less of a financial hit if something does go wrong. Although this type of warranty does not provide free repair service, it can prevent the need to pay out hundreds of dollars for parts and labor. If you buy AppleCare+ at the same time as the device, you will be able to extend the warranty by one year or two.

Samsung Care+ Best for Samsung Phones

Having Samsung Care+ is an excellent safety precaution, especially for dual-screen devices. In the event of a breakage or malfunction, this program will repair the device at a reasonable price. This insurance is like any other insurance policy, but is especially valuable for those who drop their phones often. The program covers both the front and back screens of the device. The coverage is available for the first 14 days after purchase, and after that, the plan lapses.

The premiums for the two plans vary, so it’s important to consider what you’ll need. First of all, Samsung’s warranty is one year. Samsung Care+ will cover you for mechanical damages, labor, and spare parts, as long as you have the original accessories. Additionally, it will cover any accidental damage or spillage, as well as wear and tear issues. Samsung Care+ is not a replacement for insurance from a third party, but it is worth considering if you’re a Samsung owner.

Compare the Best Mobile Insurance

The best way to protect your iPhone is to buy AppleCare+ protection plan. This plan covers all iPhones under the manufacturer’s warranty. Apple experts and Authorized Service Providers will handle all repairs in the store or through mail. If you are not too careful with your phone, AppleCare+ is an excellent choice. The only downside to the plan is that it isn’t as easy to take a theft claim as it is to file a damage claim.

Some of the best Cellphone insurance providers offer an array of valuable extras such as 24/7 tech support, unlimited cloud storage, identity theft protection, and roadside assistance. Our top pick is a single policy that covers all of these items, as well as 24 others. You’ll need to choose what kind of coverage you need based on your needs, but most mobile insurance providers offer a combination of them. Just remember that there’s always a catch!

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