Commercial Office Interior Design and Office Fit-outs

Written by Emma Rhys

The importance of workplace design is often overlooked. However, when it comes to office design, there are several fundamental elements that are essential. Listed below are some of the most important factors that should be taken into account when choosing an office space. You will be able to enjoy a more comfortable workspace by implementing these design principles.




When it comes to commercial interior design and office fitouts, it’s vital to keep a few factors in mind. For example, the design should allow for expansion, so that the company won’t need to relocate in the future. The team that works on the project should be comprised of various people from different departments, so that the end result caters to everyone’s needs. Consult widely before making a decision, since it may be more economical to stay in your existing building than to move. However, moving to a different building may allow for greater growth opportunities.

Another crucial aspect of commercial interior design is the seamless integration of technological systems. The design plan should be inclusive of telecommunication systems, telephones, televisions, media players, and computer networking. The digital control systems should also be planned in a systematic way. The purpose of all these is to improve the effectiveness of shoppers and to keep their comfort levels high. Using a variety of technologies to enhance the customer experience is essential.

Types of Commercial Interior Design Projects

  • F&B Interior Design| Cafe, Restaurant, Bistro Bar, Kiosk
  • Office Interior Design & Renovation
  • Reinstatement of Commercial Unit| Office, Retail, Industrial
  • Retail Interior Design| Store Front.
  • Renovation of Education Institution| Private & Public School


In an earlier era, offices were a dime a dozen, with grey interiors and dedicated desks. Workers were expected to perform their duties in a closed space. These days, open plan offices are the norm and flexible ABW is becoming more widely adopted. Custom office design has been gaining popularity in recent years, and is predicted to become a hot topic in 2019.

Commercial workplace design  are becoming increasingly personalised, with residential elements being used to create an environment that resembles a home. Local art, photography, and branding are increasingly important. During the planning stage, the strategic placement of structural decorative elements and artwork is also essential. Lastly, the fitout should take into consideration long-term corporate goals, such as relocation or expansion.


There are several factors to consider when considering the design of your office. For example, you should consider how your team will use the space, as well as breakaway areas. Consult an architect and other experts to help you create an ideal workspace. The budget you allocate for this project should include extra for any unforeseen costs. You can also find a suitable office location for your business by using the services of a commercial real estate broker. This professional will also handle the legal aspects of the construction process.

The first consideration is the type of office you have. A CAT A fitout will ensure the space meets all regulations and standards. This will include features, lighting, ceiling works, and general decoration. The next step is to determine the aesthetic design of the workspace. The overall look and feel of your space should be based on the type of industry you operate in.


In recent years, workplace design has become increasingly flexible, blending efficiency with corporate image. Workstations are being removed or have a lower height than in previous years, and companies are getting rid of private offices or drastically reducing them. Environmental and sustainability concerns are becoming increasingly important, and standardized office furniture and fixtures make reconfiguring work spaces a breeze. workplace design  should be flexible, yet efficient and cost-effective.

Essential Checklist for your Office Interior Design

  • Make the space inspiring.
  • Choose comfortable and healthy furniture.
  • Plan for plenty of storage.
  • Tidy desks.
  • Bring in some greenery.
  • Choose colors wisely.
  • Natural light.

The design of commercial workspaces must maintain a sense of durability, as the first thing to wear out is upholstery. Many commercial fabric manufacturers now incorporate residential-inspired patterns into their collections. Lounge seating in muted, subdued colors and tactile materials evoke a homey feeling. The aesthetics of a commercial office should reflect this trend. There are several factors to consider when designing a commercial space, including the needs of your workforce.

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